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Vintage Sofa 
This is a vintage sofa made by Joan Ince. It is from an estate sale but in fine condition. Please click on picture to get a magnified view.  


Allan Russell Table and Tarbena Chairs
This is a handcrafted piece found in many European homes in the 18th century. It was an attempt to imitate the Japanese style of furniture. The Chairs are made by Tarbana and it seemed like a good fit. Please click on picture to enjoy a magnified view. 

For Table

$154.00 For
Each Chair

Chris Malcomson Totes Tea

This is a beautifully done Victorian domed top Tea Caddy, circa 1850.  It is handcrafted with an intricate and beautiful inlay pattern, fine handmade bandings and pierced brass-work.  Please click on picture to enlarge photo. SOLD


Chris Malcomson Sews The Seed

This is a beautifully done Victorian sewing box, circa 1850, has a sense of sophistication reflected in its parquetry  designs. It is an exceptionally fine and well done piece. Inside are spools of thread for a greater reflection of reality. Please click on picture to enlarge photo. 


Gooch Gamesmanship
Late 19th century satinwood games/card table in the manner of Edwards and Roberts with fine marquetry in the Adams style. The rotating envelope top opening has a baize interior and the table itself is finish with gilt metalwork. Chess set is included. Please click on the picture to enjoy an enlarged view. ONE LEFT  


David Iriarte Marble Console Table
From the French Empire period, 1804 to 1814, this table applies the principles of the Louis XVI style. that is, it has the gilded antiqueness and cordial yet decorative look. However, it is more austere and warlike with gold Greek palm leaves and wreaths, straight lines and sharp edges reflecting Imperial France. t is 3.75 in. by 2in. by 2.68 in height. Please click on picture to enjoy a magnified view.


 Alan Barnes Chairs
These a classic Regency Period Crossback Chairs. They are versatile and can be used in a parlor, hall or bedroom setting as well as for desk and chair combinations. Please click on picture to enlarge photo.



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