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David Iriarte Hits The  Right Chords
Lignum Vitae is a trade wood and roeswood is a well known hardwood. The combination of these two woods couple with the talents of the artisan have created a beautiful musical piece. This is a John Broadwood English piano, circa 1810. Palosanto wood as it is also sometimes called was used to build the Panama Canal. I expect this piano to be just as long lasting. Please click on the photo to enjoy a magnified view. 


Cheryl Vander Wert Harps on Right Chords
The De Lin Piano with bench is not only a unique musical piece. It is hand-painted on the inside by Nadine Burney. Albert De Line was a Flemish gentleman whose small dwelling led to his invention of this upright harpsichord. Please click on the photo to enjoy a magnified view. 


Cheryl Vander Wert Spins The Net

This is a finely done replica of a  bent harpsichord or spinet characteristic of the Queen Anne Period. It is finely finish and contains a unique and beautiful hand painted scene on the inner hood by Nadine Burney. Please click on the photo to enjoy a magnified view. SOLD


Cheryl Vander Wert Grand Scheme
It's a magnificent one of a kind hand made baby grand piano circa 1800. The  magnificent painting was done by Nadine Burney. This piano is intricately done with an eye towards historical accuracy. Please click on the picture to enjoy an enlarged version.


Jeff Mewies Telescopes Scheme
This brass telescope contains a real lens and its length and height is adjustable. Please click on picture to magnify view.


Jeff Mewis Milk Urn And Coal Bucket

These copper pieces, a milk can and a coal bucket, are wonderful additions to any doll house. The coal bucket comes in both copper and brass. Please click on the image to enjoy and enlarged version.



Mewies Urns His Keep

This copper and brass Tea Urn contains a real working valve that turns. It position is adjustable. Its a novel addition to many kinds of miniature settings. Please click on the picture to enjoy a magnified view.   


Mewies Milks It Too

This copper and brass milk buck comes with a removable cover and a brass ladle to scoop the liquid up. Please click on the picture to get an enlarged version of the piece.


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