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 Lucy Francis Maloney Animals
These wonderful animals, Maltese-Shih Tsu Mix left back and right back, Lhasa Apso center back and the white cats upfront are a superlative examples of Lucy Maloney's talented artistry.  Please click on the photo to enjoy an enlarged version. NEW 

For Dogs
For Cats

Waldamar Backert Wicker
Real wicker baskets are wicker baskets made from wicker? Does that make sense? At any rate, even if it does not, just look at these beautiful pieces pictured here. Large  jug is not pictured here. Please click on the photo to enjoy an enlarged version of pieces. 

Flower or Fruit Baskets
Small Wine Jug Holder $73.00
Large Wine Jug Holder


Waldamar Backert Wicker
At 72, Waldamar has been making such beautiful pieces as shown here for over 30 years. Just look at these beautiful pieces pictured here. Please click on the photo to enjoy an enlarged version of the pieces.

Bread Basket
Covered Laundry Basket
Large Open Laundry Bin
Small Open Laundry Bin

Leather Top Desk
This is a well made handcrafted desk and chair of the Regency Period. The top consists of inlaid leather and it's a nice mid range piece. Please click on the picture to enjoy an enlarged version. 


With Chair




David Iriarte Empire Console Table
From the French Empire period, 1804 to 1814, this table applies the principles of the Louis XVI style. that is, it has the gilded antiqueness and cordial yet decorative look. However, it is more austere and warlike with gold Greek palm leaves and wreaths, straight lines and sharp edges reflecting Imperial France. t is 3.75 in. by 2in. by 2.68 in height. Please click on picture to enjoy a magnified view. NEW


Gooch French Style Ormolu Mounted Table

This is my favorite scalloped table hands down. It is made in the Louis XVTH style with ormolu and marquetry inlaid. It has a scalloped brass banded top over an ormolu mounted skirt. The ormolu continues down the pedestal to a floriform ormolu mounted base and resting on paw feet.  Please click on image for an enlarged version of the picture. SOLD, BUT CAN BE ORDERED


Mark Gooch-June Clinkscales Painted Settle

Made from Pear wood and hand oil painted, this museum quality settle is a replica of a piece found in Wrightwick Manor. The four painted panels, done in oil, are of classic Tudor figures that have both a human an religious quality. If you check out the oak original, you'll find that their rendition is right on target. Additionally, Mark included dove-tailed drawers and a silk seat, tops and sides.  Please click on the photo to enjoy an enlarged version of the piece. SOLD, BUT CAN BE ORDERED.


Joeseph Addotta Bronzes

Each one of these amazing bronzes have been artifully recreated by Mr. Addotta. On the top left, we see Actaeon a hero of Greek Mythology, The Discus Thrower and Diana, Goddess of the Woods. Both Actaeon and Diana are paired together in Greek Myths. On the bottom left, we see The Dancing Faun of Roman roots,  The Dancer and the biblical David. Please click on the photo to enjoy an enlarged version of the piece. 







Annie Willis Dogs

From left to right are a Shitzu a Bichon and a Maltese. They are made with real animal hair and are the best in the world. I guarantee that they are house trained and easy to handle. You'll love these additions. Please click on the photo to get enlarged version of the picture. ONE LEFT


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