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Bougourd Swan Neck Longcase Clock
This is a working clock, circa 18th century, and has a swanlike hood above the dial face. The rich looking face top has the well-known Latin expression "Tempus Fugit" or "Time Flies."It has burl wood panels with cross-banding and the trunk door opens revealing weights and a pendulum. Please click on the picture to enjoy a magnified view. SOLD


Gooch Parlorizes
Though from the Regency Period, this brass-mounted rosewood writing table is found in France during the French Revolution as well as in England. It was usually in the parlor and where the ladies sat and kibitzed. You can see this piece in a "setting" just below. The rectangular top of the table has D-shaped ends and inset gilt-tooled burgundy leather above two frieze drawers and opposing false drawers, on turned tapering legs with foliate brass caps and castors. Please click on the picture to enjoy a magnified view. ONLY ONE LEFT


Vintage Telescope
This is a one of a kind hand made telescope made of brass and wood. It is a very accurate replica of the actual piece.  Please click on picture to enjoy a magnified view. SOLD


Flowers by Marty

These flowers were hand made and then arranged by Marty Stark. The 2 inch vases are porcelain and also hand made. Please click on picture to enjoy an enlarged version of the photo. SOLD



Neil Bateson Sheraton Sideboard
This Sheraton Sideboard is another superbly made piece from the best miniature artisan around. It's made from mahogany  and satinwood. Al drawers are dove-tailed as you would expect from such a finely made piece. Please click on the picture to enjoy an enlarged version. SOLD


John Hodgson "Torchere"Pedestal 
This pedestal is a gold-plated 4 inch "Torchere" that is gold-plated over pure English pewter, circa 1700. It can be used with silver, China vases or as in this case as a fancy planter. These flowers are made by hand by Marty Stark. The vase is made of rare obsidian by Jeff Spera. Please click on the picture to enjoy an enlarged version. PEDESTAL IS SOLD  

For Torchere

For Flowers

Gooch Sheet Music Table
This cabinet is a French Louis XV Style lecturn or ambo. They were used for reading the Gospel in early basilicas. As its uses evolved, countries, such as France, found other uses and adopted it, but with their own signature. In this case, it was for music. It is unique in that the rounded front cabinet door opens. The hand oil painting, by JUNE CLINKSCALES, is a made specifically to reflect the usage of the piece, a violin serenade for lovers. (Height. 3 in. and Width 1.3 in.) Please click on the picture to enjoy a magnified version. SOLD