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Arlene Finkelstein "Hookahs" 
Now don't laugh, but the other night I was watching the news and about the legalization of recreational pot in Colorado. So I figured I'd go along with the craze. These are water pipes or "hookahs" as they were nicknamed. They are about 2.5 inches in height and are made by hand. Please click on the picture to enjoy an even closer high.....er... picture.



David Iriarte Loves Empire Style
Though the top is made of synthetic wood, the table reflects the French Empire period, circa 1810, closely. Below is a mirror and the wood surrounding it is French Sapelly wood and Bubinga. Please click on picture to enlarge photo inside.


Keith Bourgourd Serpentine Demi Lune
This serpentine painted demi-lune is a first in a new series by Keith. It is hand painted and about 1.5 inches at its deepest point. It also contains both French and English influences of the period, giving this piece a great versatility of use. The red Boulle clock is both authentically copied and is set to Eastern Standard Time. The coloration and gilding is a perfect blend giving it a unique beauty. Please click on picture to enjoy an enlarged photo. CLOCK IN GREEN IS IN STOCK.






Gooch Empire Table


Napoleonic Period Amboyna Finished Occasional Table with Gilded Accents of Antique Brass.This is an incredibly carved French Empire piece with three gold claw feet. It has 23 Gilt mounts, and a cast gold plate gallery. The table top has a boxwood banding. You really have to  click on picture to enjoy an enlarged version. 


Lorraine Scuderi Single Bed
There's not much left to be said about this artisan's workmanship. Please click on picture to enjoy enlarge photo. 

For Bed

For Table



Gilbert Mena Turnings 
These handmade wood turnings are varied, beautiful and useful accoutrements to almost any miniature project. The turnings by Gilbert are just fabulous. Please click on picture to enjoy enlarge photo. 



Bougourd and Randall Looking Good

This French polished demi lune by Keith Bougourd adds a simple but nice flavor to any area or scene. Just about 1.25 inches in depth, they fit in areas that most other similar pieces could not. Atop the demi lune, there is Stephen Randall's sterling silver Wine Cooler, circa 1810 or during George IVth period.. The bottle is included.  Please click on picture to enjoy enlarged photo. 




For Cooler

Jim Pounder Gemelizes

These rather a unique pair of brass statues. They are beautifully done in bronze, but each statue a little round gem stone, a black pearl, and an aventurine.  They'd both be a wonderful addition to any collection. Please click on the image for an enlarged version. 



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